Ford Bronco 4" Lift Front Suspension Package & Optional Rear Suspension Package.Ford Bronco 4" Lift Front Suspension Package & Optional Rear Suspension Package.  We no longer do core exchanges or sell cores outright so you will have to send in your cores in advance for us to C&T. 



Package includes:

  • C&T TTBs Cores 
  • Tube Radius Arms w/Hiem kits
  • Radius arm pivot Brackets
  • 4" Coil Springs
  • Front Biltein 5100 Shocks
  • Grade 8 Hardware


Rear suspension Includes:

  • Deaver Q-80's w/bushing kits
  • Fabricated Shackles
  • Rear Drop Hangers
  • Bilstein 5100 shocks
  • 5/8" U-bolt kit
  • Grade 8 hardware



Optional rear under the bed shock mount  & 14" stroke Bilstein 5100 shock upgrade 














Bronco Suspension Package

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  • This package allows for 4" of lift without hinderering performance like drop down bracket lift kit do. You gain more usable wheel travel,  Better overal suspension geometry, more suspension ground clearance, a smoother ride quality, longer lasting tire wear and it performs great on the dirt and street.  No drop down bracket lift kit even comes close!  

  • Terms & conditions: All products are custom built. There are NO refunds or exchanges at anytime! NO shipping to Hawai, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, or Overseas. Core refunds are only valid for up to 1 month from the day you place your order or you forfit your deposit if you chose to do a core exchange. New cores are sold outright with no core charge to be refunded. 


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