Ford Bronco front & rear suspension package. Note: The shipping cost also includes shipping your cores to us & of course shipping the package deal to you. There is no deadline on when you need to send in your cores. You can send them in ASAP or anytime at your convenience. Just let us know when you have them ready and we will email you a label.


  • Extended up to 5" Per side C&T TTBs (Cores in advance is required)
  • Uniball pivots
  • Front truss
  • Lower truss/skid plate
  • 4340 axles
  • Boxed HGC Radius Arms w/Hiem kits
  • Radius arm pivot Brackets
  • Double swing steering swingers w/bushing kits
  • Swinger frame mounts
  • Pitman arm plate kit
  • 8 FK 7/8" Hiems w/jam nuts & misalignment spacers
  • 4 pre built tie-rods
  • Coilover Mounts w/Crossbrace 
  • Race style brake line kit
  • Radflo 2.5 smooth body shocks & 4 coil springs
  • Deaver Q-80 springs w/bushing kits
  • Rear under the bed shock mount with detail plates
  • Fabricated Shackles
  • Rear Shackle Drop Hangers
  • 5/8" U-bolt kit
  • Radflo 2.5 smooth body shocks
  • Grade 8 Hardware



Bronco Long Travel Package

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