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D-44 & D-50 DIY/WIY C&T

D-44 & D-50 DIY/WIY C&T

As the 1st company in 2011 to ever to offer a D-44 CNC machined C&T...We are now offering it in DIY kit!  This is the easiest and strongest way to do a C&T yourself.



Basic DIY C&T :


  • Driver side Lower beam End
  • Passenger Side Lower Beam End
  • 4 Gussets









Basic instructions:

 The C&T comes pre set into the new beam ends so all you need to do is cut the  2 small welds on each side of the lower beam end on the inside, then cut tight around the lower beam end on the bottom side, remove the old lower beam end, then slide your new lower beam end in and weld it up, then weld in the upright gussets and filler plates. 

  • Terms & Conditions

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$445.00 Regular Price
$345.00Sale Price
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