Threat Motorsports Extended C&T TTB Kits. We include the TTB cores with our kits so that you dont have to bring or send them it. If you choose to do so let us know before you order so that we can take the core charge off for you. 



Basic Bare Bones Kit Includes: 

  • Extended 1.5"-4.5" per side & C&T D-44 TTB's w/new bushings (Price includes our cores)
  • Tube or boxed HGC radius arms set up for 1 1/4" hiems
  • Radius arm pivot brackets
  • 4340 Axles



Add all options below: 

  • Front truss
  • Lower truss/skid plate 
  • Eliminate the bushings and add 1" uniball pivots cups 
  • 4340 Axles
  • (2) 1" uniballs w/spacers
  • (2) 1 1/4" hiems w/jam nuts & spacers
  • Grade 8 hardware

















Extended TTB Kits

  • The kits are custom built to order! NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES! 


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