We were the 1st company to produce a 100% bolt on Bronco under the bed rear shock mount that allows the use of a 14" Stroke 2.0 or a 12" Stroke 2.5 or 3.0 body shocks. Other companies have followed our lead but are still no match for our quality and strength.  These come in raw form with or without overlay plates. Powder coating is available at extra cost. Please contact us for color choices and prices


 Bare Bones Rear Mount Includes:

  • Bolt on rear shock mount side plates  
  • Bolt on crossmember pre-tabbed for a 2.0. 2.5 or 3.0 body shock




  • Add overlay plates on main plates


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we are doing our part to help reduce the risk of getting the virus and spreading it to others and are ONLY offering our producs as bare bones parts and kits only. Hiems, uniballs and hardware or anything we outsource or dont have in stock will not be sold at this time from us. You will need to purchase those parts from your local offroad parts store. We will continue shipping our in house built parts and kits but I do highly recommend you do your part too to make sure you wear gloves when receiving packages and disinfect them no matter who they come from or where you get them.




















Bronco Rear Shock Mounts

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  • Terms & conditions: All products are custom built. There are NO refunds or exchanges at anytime! 


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