Ford Explorer & Ranger 4wd D-44 conversion. What seperates our of other conversion kits? Strength, more suspension ground clearance because you still use your factory beam pivots, better suspension geometry, more usable wheel travel & allows for crossover steering options unlike the Drop down bracket conversions.



Standard/Basic Bare Bones Kit Includes:

  • From 4" per side to 8" per side D-44 TTBs modified to bolt directly into the factory pivot brackets 
  • HGC Tube or Boxed Radius Arms
  • Radius arm pivot brackets 



  • Uniball Pivots
  • Front Truss
  • Lower Truss/Skid plate
  • Billet C&T
  • 4340 Axles
  • Double swing steering 









Ford Explorer & Ranger D-44 Conversion

  • No refunds or echanges at anytime! 


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