Ford Ranger Single Swing Steering Kit. This is designed specifically for unequal length beams on a Ford Ranger. Not only is this stronger then stock steering it also reduces the strain on the steering box and pump do to the ratio we designed into it, It also eliminates bump steer! 

SINGLE SWING IS NOT RECOMENDED FOR 4WD RANGERS OR EXPLORERS! Look for our Ranger/Explorer 4wd double swing kit on the site. 


Bare Bones Swinger Kit Includes:

  • Single Swing Swinger
  • Bushing Kits w/Sleeves
  • Swinger mounting tabs 
  • Pitman arm plate kit to build your own double sheer pitman arm off your stock pitman arm

Price: $500.00


Optional: Hiems kits & threaded bungs & Grade 8 hardware is available for $565.00 more

Contact us if you would like to add those. 


Ford Ranger Single Swing Steering

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