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With over 20 years of shock tunning and spring set up experence under our belt here is some free spring rate info for guys/gals that dont want to spent a bunch of money on a "Spring Kit" or a Cheap "Tender Spring Kit". Most of them are not using the correct spring rates anyway and over preload the front springs because they use to soft of spring rates, and tender kits are nothing more than extremly heavy springs that are used over your stock softer lower springs. The set up below will make your machine perform as best as it can with the factory valving in your Walkers or Fox shocks. This set up is for all Pro XP 2 seaters and 4 seaters. We recomend Eibach springs as they are the BEST made springs in the industry. You can use Swift or Hypercoil as well. 


On all RZR Pro XP 2 and 4 seaters Polaris runs the same spring rates.

  • Stock Front is 500Lb over a 300Lb
  • Stock Rear is 125Lb over a 200Lb


For the front reuse your upper 500Lb springs and pick up two 10"-12" 600lb  3.0 ID springs

  • Add 1" of total preload if its a 2 seater
  • Add 1/5" of total pre load if its a 4 seater


For the rear pick up two 10"-12" 3.0 ID 200lb springs

  • Add 1"-1/5" of pre load if its a 2 seater
  • Add 1/5"-2" of its a 4 seater


If you are just trail riding and arent bottoming out the machine pick up some crossover rings.

  • Up front set them up just so they cant go into full coil bind and leave them
  • In the rear if using a 10" or a 12" spring start with setting them up so they cant go into full coil bind
  • Adjust the rears as needed for your riding style





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