CNC formed fully boxed HGC radius arms. These are available for Ford Broncos, F-150's, F-100's & Rangers. 


Bare Bones: 


  • Fully boxed high ground clearance race radius arms (Tri formed design is also available)
  • Radius arm pivot brackets 
  • Radius arm tab kit that welds on the back side of the beam
  • 1 1/4" hiems, jam nuts & misalignment spacers
  • Grade-8 hardware 











HGC Boxed Race Radius Arm

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  • Terms & conditions: All products are custom built. There are NO refunds or exchanges at anytime! 

    Note: The tab kit that is included is our standard tabbing that requires trimming on the upper tab to achieve the disired caster numbers for diffent beams wheather it be 2wd Rangers, F-150's, Explorers, Broncos or Custom on off's. Its up to you to trim the tabs to the caster numbers you desire just as we do when we weld them on. 


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