Kalashnikov Vityas & KP-9 Brace Adapters for the SBT/PSA Triangle Brace. These braces were the closest thing to the real triangle stock with a few design flaws that REALY kind of killed it starting with the attatchment point, origonal folding mechanism that SBT used and the god awfull square holes everyware. Lets face it it looked half ass, cheap & unfinished to say the least. Still though it was the closest to looking like the real thing. To adapt them to a Vityaz was only going to make it look worse because you ended up with 2 hinges instead of one which made it look even worse.  We really wanted to make this brace work so we took initiative and was able to polish a turd so to speak and make it look a little more authentic without any mododifications to the brace itself....Now its a great alternative for you guys that dont have the luxury of having a Tax stamp for an SBR. 



  • 5.5 hinge plate with folding latch adapter block, Block off plate, QD plate & QD swivel
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Note: Brace is NOT included. That you can perchase through PSA or SBT


Kalashnikov Vityaz/KP-9 Triangle Brace Adapters


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