Designed specificly for the Ford Bronco & F-150 4wd or 2wd trucks with unequal length beams. This is the strongest steering kit you can buy & is the only steering system that can eliminate bump steer. 



Basic Bare Bones DIY Kit Includes:

  • Steering swingers 
  • Bushing kits w/sleeves 
  • Weld on swinger mounting tabs & bracket
  • Eight 7/8" threaded bungs (Requires 7/8" hiems and tubing to build your own rods)
  • DIY Pitman arm kit for you to build your own pitman arm (Utilizes the stock pitman arm)
  • Grade 8 hardware
  • Free shipping

Current customers that have purchased TTB's or TTB kits direct from us Call or Email us to get your price Note: What is listed is whats included in the basic kit. Hiems & tubing are NOT included. Only what is listed. 






Complete Kit Installed Includes:

  • Steering swingers 
  • Bushing kits w/sleeves or Uniballs 
  • Swinger mounting tabs & brackets
  • Eight 7/8" Hiems w/Jam Nuts 
  • Pre-built tie-rod's 
  • Pre-built pitman arm 
  • Instalation


Note: Hiems, tie-rods & pre built tie-rods & pre built pitman arm are NOT sold outright. 





















Bronco/F150 Double Swing Steering

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  • Terms & conditions: All products are custom built. There are NO refunds or exchanges at anytime! 


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