80-96 Ford Bronco Suspension Front Long Travel Suspension. Send in your cores in advance, do a core echange or buy our cores outright. These prices are when you send in our cores in advance. If you need to do a core exchange it is $350.00 more & is refundable upon receiving your cores or you can purchase them outright for $450.00 more. We will bill you seperatly for the core charge. FREE SHIPPING when you purchase the package with the bells & whistles! 



 Basic Extended TTB Package includes the following:

  • C&T & Extended 1.5" to 4.5" Per-side TTB's (NO TRUSS WORK JUST PLATED)
  • High ground clearance boxed radius arms w/pivot brackets & 1 1/4" Hiems
  • Deaver Q-80 springs w/bushing kits
  • Rear drop hangers
  • Rear longer shackles
  • U-bolt kits
  • Grade 8 hardware





Add the bells & whistles:

  • 4340 axles
  • Front truss
  • Lower truss/skid plate 
  • Modify beam pivots & add 1" uniballs & spacers
  • Rear under the bed shock mount with overlay plates
  • Double swing steering swingers, pitman arm kit, 7/8" hiems and weld in threaded bungs 


Avaialble through Downsouth Motorsports at the best prices! 

2.5" x 12" King Coilovers w/dual rate hardware kits & springs 

2.5" x 12" King smooth body shocks 

2.5" x 12" King 2 tube bypass shocks 

2.5" x 12" King 3 tube bypass shocks 

3.0" x 12" King 3 tube bypass shocks 














































Bronco Extended F/R Package Deals

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  • Terms & conditions: All products are custom built. There are NO refunds or exchanges at anytime! 


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