PRP Seats & Harnesses

PRP Seats & Harnesses

We sell PRP products!  Give a a call or shoot us an email to go over what seat options you would like of choose one of our standard options. 



  • XCR SEATS (PAIR) (Black or custom colors) 
  • ELITE SERIES (PAIR)  (Black or custom colors)
  • PODIUM ELITE SERIES (PAIR)  (Black or custom colors)
  • GT/S.E. SUSPENSION SEATS FOR RZR PRO XP, PRO R & TURBO R (PAIR)  (Black or custom colors)
  • Terms & Conditions

    We ship FedEx & USPS. Products shipped USPS will ship directly to you. Products shipped through FedEx will ship to your nearest FedEx location where you will have to pick it up unless you request it to be shipped directly to you. If you choose to do so please contact us, or type it in the notes section when you check out & we will bill you separately for the cost difference to ship directly to you.  We will NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen packages. Once they leave here you will receive a tracking number/numbers and it becomes 100% your responsibility. All of our products are built to order. No refunds or exchanges at anytime! By placing your order you agree to our terms.